Pet Policy

Our pet policy varies per cabin, room or site. Small Dogs only. The maximum number of pets allowed are two ONLY WHERE ALLOWED. Be sure to check that your accommodations are "SMALL DOG FRIENDLY" before you book if you need to bring your pet.

An additional Charge of $15 for the first pet and $10 for the second per night. Please do not allow your pets to be on any furniture and they MUST be crated when you are away from your cabin, room or site. You are required to clean up after your pet! Please pick up after them outside. Excessive pet hair or pet urine will result in an $80 cleaning charge. Scratch marks will be repaired and the cost will be processed on your credit card.

Failure to comply with our "No Pets" policy will result in a charge of $100 per rental night.

RV Parking & Tent Camping: Families with pets welcome, however, pets must be on a leash or inside your RV at all times for safety purposes. Tents are only permitted in the designated camping areas. Fires are only allowed in approved designated areas.